International Award-winning Writer, Director and Producer, Jennifer Alphonsse is a celebrated filmmaker with an experience of over an 8 years.  Her area of interest in Filmmaking is diverse with an assortment of expertise in various subjects, styles and techniques in documentaries, short films, commercial ads, music videos, experimental videos and many more. Apart from English her films and documentaries are made in several other languages including Telugu and Hindi.

  • She made her debut in short films with “Kachra (Garbage)”, which bagged three prestigious Golden Nandi State Awards for Best Film, Best Director and Best child actor and several other International Awards.
  • In 2014, her 25 minutes short film “Starngerssss” got selected at Cannes Short Film Corner and won more than 14 International Awards in various categories all over the world.
  • Her first feature length Documentary “The Take Over” won the Royal Reel Award at Canada International Film Festival 2016 for her which also got selected at Cannes Film Festival 2016 in Short Film Corner.
  • Qualified as an MBA, Jennifer Alphonsse hails from India (Hyderabad) and she has polished her filmmaking skills at the prestigious Film School FTII (Film and Television Institute of India) where she did the Film Appreciation Course. She also has a close association with Hyderabad Traffic Police and some NGOs on social relevant ad films.

She believes that visual medium is the most influential one with a potential to impact the masses, also it is the best way to express ideas in front of today’s world. That’s why she follows it to tell stories in various forms. Intrigued by everything about stories and the possibilities they entail, Jennifer feels Cinema and the world behind it is Magical and fascinating.