Shahid Ali Khan, the Economist Cultural Activist, is posted in the University of Kashmir as Cultural and Youth Welfare Officer. He is responsible to handle the student activities in the area of art, culture, theatre, literature and overall development of the students in particular. Organising Youth Programmes on Social, Economic, Political, Tourism and Cultural themes is a regular feature of his endeavours in the University of Kashmir in particular and State of Jammu & Kashmir in General. He has the passion, and potential to make significant contributions to society through these activities. Being an Economist Cultural & Theatre Activist, Shahid enhance the leadership qualities, communication, and decision-making skills in students. He has been displaying his personal attributes including self-awareness, emotional maturity, initiative tenacity, energy, vision, risk-taking, and interpersonal effectiveness. Shahid is very much interested in personal development of youth and tries to leave no stone unturned for their growth.